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So yeah, decided to do this tag, with my revamped Fang and my dragylon Gorthy. Fun fact, Fang is essentially three characters, so I am basically answering around 200 questions. That explains the title :nuu:

Note: Shiro Fang is when he is on his good side, Kuro Fang is when he is completely insane and Fang is when he is himself.

1: Choose any number of your OCs.
2: Make your OC (s) answer these questions.
3: Tag three other people.
4: Add one question of your own.

1. Do you want a hug?

Fang: I don't care if you hug me or not.

S.Fang: I don't mind^^ Just watch out for my claws. They're sharp.

K.Fang: I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU DO :stare:

Gorthy: HUGGIEZ! :dummy:

2: Are you a virgin?

Fang: Yes

S.Fang: Yep >.>

K.Fang: Yes, now LEMME KILL YOU :stare:

Gorthy: Virwhat? 0.0

3: Do you have any kids?'

Fang: No, if wolves that are created from my soul does not count.

S.Fang: Sadly no ._.

K.Fang: I'd kill them! Kids are annoying as all ****!

Gorthy: Nope :dummy:

4: Have you killed anyone?

Fang: Yes. Lots of people.

S.Fang: Yep, it was in self-defence on my part...

K.Fang: I like killing, so YES YES YES!!!

Gorthy: Does prey like fishies or rabbits count? D=

5: Do you hate someone?

Fang: Not really.

S.Fang: Yeah, I hate Kuro. :stare:

K.Fang: I HATE EVERYONE! :stare:

Gorthy: I hate my tail. It never lets me catch it! TT__TT

6: Love anyone?

Fang: No, I do not.

S.Fang: I like that black furball dragon that follows us around from time to time xD But love anyone? Nope.

K.Fang: Yes, I love my fist when it goes through someones skull! 

7: What is your job?

Fang: Mercenary and Chaos Guardian.

S.Fang: Same.

K.Fang: Mass murderer :iconmegustamuchoplz:

Gorthy: Treasure hunter and wanderer :dummy:

8: Favorite Season?

Fang: Winter lowers people's reactions, making them easier to fight when I'm on a job.

S.Fang: Summer, because of all the colors! =D

K.Fang: The season where it rains blood! 

Gorthy: Spring, because I love seeing the forests wake up again! ^^

9: Who's your best friend?

Fang: No one.

S.Fang: That black furball dragon =D


Gorthy: A friend of mine who sometimes travels with me, and sometimes not xD

10: Any talents or hobbies?

Fang: Martial arts, chaos arts and magic.

S.Fang: Magic and whistling! 

K.Fang: KILLING :devil:

Gorthy: Tricking others and having a good time no matter what :dummy:

11: What are you going to do once this tag is over?

Fang: Go and see if there are any jobs I can do.

S.Fang: I'll just rest up ._.


Gorthy: Mmmm, fishies :dummy: I'll go fishing!

12: What is your eye color?

Fang: Black.

S.Fang: A blue color that changes all the time

K.Fang: RED LIKE BLOOOOOD :iconmegustamuchoplz:

Gorthy: Blue :3

13: What's your morality? Good or Bad?

Fang: Neutral. 

S.Fang: Good of course!

K.Fang: BAD BAD BAD!!! *Laughs hysterically*

Gorthy: Both? 0.0

14: What is your greatest fear?

Fang: Nothing.

S.Fang: Dying :iconscaredplz:

K.Fang: Running out of stuff to kill! 

Gorthy: Being turned into a light snack Q.Q

15: What do you think of your parents?

Fang: I have none.

S.Fang: None.

K.Fang: If I had any, I'd make them my slaves! 

Gorthy: They're dead ._.

16: Any siblings?

Fang: None. 

S.Fang: None here either excluding Fang and Kuro.

K.Fang: Those two numbskulls above me :stare:

Gorthy: .........Dead ._.

17: Was it fun to answer all these questions?

Fang: What is fun?

S.Fang: It gets a bit overwhelming ^^;


18: How do you feel about your creator?

Fang: He's okay. Just need to get me a proper reference sheet.

S.Fang: I praise him for creating me xD

K.Fang: I........ Acknowledge him for creating me. But now I wanna kill him!

Gorthy: Why'd you make my past sad!? :nuu:

19: Do you have any weakness?

Fang: None that I can think of.

S.Fang: Darkness Dx

K.Fang: Magic. Hate mages. LEMME KILL 'EM!!!

Gorthy: Poisons and acids Dx. My fur is really susceptible to them...

20: If you could have one wish...?

Fang: I'd recover my memories from before dying.

S.Fang: It'd be to make myself whole again.

K.Fang: I'd want a immortal rival who I CAN KILL ENDLESSLY *grins*

Gorthy: I would get rid of my weakness for poison xD  

21: Your favorite element?

Fang: None in particular, though I find chaos to be viable in most situations.

S.Fang: Light related elements.

K.Fang: Blood! It allows me to control an opponents flow of blood!

Gorthy: Twilight, because portals for the win!

22: Who is your superior?

Fang: Myself.

S.Fang: Fang.

K.Fang: Hate to admit it, but Fang...

Gorthy: No one, I'm as free as a bird! =D

23: What anime would you switch to for awhile if you could?

Fang: Anime?

S.Fang: Anime?

K.Fang: Can I kill it?

Gorthy: Fairy Tail! xD

24: Sexual Orientation?

Fang: None.

S.Fang: None here as well ._.

K.Fang: NOTHING :stare: Things like that are for weaklings!

Gorthy: Ummmmm...... What? 0.0

25: Do you care what others think of you?

Fang: No, I do not.

S.Fang: Yeah, I don't want them to see me as a bad guy Dx


Gorthy: I do xD I don't want them to think that I am anything else than a dragylon. I was called a dog once ._.

26: Hi...

Fang: Hello.

S.Fang: Too late to say hi if you ask me xD

K.Fang: *Stabs you*

Gorthy: Why are you saying hi now? o.o


Fang: They slow my reflexes, so no.

S.Fang: Nope, for same reasons as Fang.

K.Fang: I don't need any drugs. Blood is enough for me!

Gorthy: If they make things taste like candy..... Maaayyyybbeee xD

28: Are you flirtatious?

Fang: I'm not following you.

S.Fang: Well I do try to get to know ladies sometime, but I always fail.

K.Fang: I kill anyone who flirts with me! :stare:

Gorthy: ....What? 0.0

29: Would you change gender if you could?

Fang: No need to.

S.Fang: No need to xD

K.Fang: WOMEN ARE WEAK, so NO!!!

Gorthy: Nope nope and nope.

30:+ If you could change your boyfriend's/girlfriend's gender, would you do it

Fang: Don't have a friend.

S.Fang: I don't have one and no. 

K.Fang: I KILL my friends :stare:

Gorthy: Girlfriend? A friend who is a girl? Wut? o.o


Fang: *Quiet*

S.Fang: Still deciding xD

K.Fang: The sound of my fist crushing the skull of the one who wrote this! :rage:

Gorthy: The troll song! You know, the one who goes trollololololol xD

32: If you could re-design yourself, what one thing would you change?

Fang: I'm fine the way I am.

S.Fang: can't think of anything I'd like to change Dx

K.Fang: I'd like sharp fangs! (What good would they be? -.-; )

Gorthy: Making me bigger? xD

33: Do you have a favorite drink?

Fang: I feel a strange connection with tea.

S.Fang: Cola!

K.Fang: BLOOD!!!

Gorthy: Milk :3

34: If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Fang: Wolf.

S.Fang: Wolf xD


35: If you could redo your life, what would you change?

Fang: The fact that I have died once.

S.Fang: Same xD

K.Fang: I'd make it so that I DID burn that god to death instead of freezing him!

Gorthy: I'd save my family TT__TT

36: What do you do when you're bored?

Fang: Sleep.

S.Fang: Whistle!

K.Fang: Juggle daggers!

Gorthy: Find something to snack on xD

37: Favorite video games?

Fang: I do not play games.

S.Fang: I like Patapon xD

K.Fang: GOD OF WAR!!! *Laughs in an insane way*

Gorthy: Warframe, but I can barely play because of my stupid paws! Dx

38: Have you ever considered a fetish?

Fang: No.

S.Fang: Nope.

K.Fang: Nope. I'll kill you for asking that! :stare:

Gorthy: Ummmm.... That one where you eat living things? What's it called now again? Dx

39. If you were in an anime who would play your voice?

Fang: Myself. 

S.Fang: Myself xD

K.Fang: MY FIST :stare:

Gorthy: Dunno o.o

40. Has there ever been a time where you find yourself lost or confused on what to do in a situation?

Fang: Yes, right when I was sealed and Shiro and Kuro were created.

S.Fang: Right when I was made o.o

K.Fang: Same here!

Gorthy: All the time Dx 

41.Do you have any powers or abilities?

Fang: My thousand fist style. It allows me to manipulate chaos and my magic.

S.Fang: My insanely awesome and overpowering magic!

K.Fang: My raw strength and insanity arts!

Gorthy: My ability to create portals I guess xD

42: What's your favorite type of cake!?

Fang: Nothing.

S.Fang: Something with vanilla!

K.Fang: Cake? can it be killed? >=O

Gorthy: Chocolate cake!

43: Boxers or Briefs?

Fang: Boxers.

S.Fang: we wear the same clothes xD

K.Fang: Same >8C

Gorthy: I wear no clothes :dummy:

44: What kind of house do you live in?

Fang: A cave. No interest in a house.

S.Fang: Same Dx


Gorthy: My home is everywhere I see :3 Which also means that I don't have one Dx

45. Would you stab a random person on the street?

Fang: If he is my target, yes.

S.Fang: Of course not! o.o

K.Fang: Of course! Why would I not?


46: Who would you die for?

Fang: No one and nothing.

S.Fang: I don't wanna die if possible Dx

K.Fang: NO ONE AT ALL!!! I'd kill them before anything else could!

Gorthy: My family... Dx

47: How easy would it be to get you into bed with someone else?

Fang: Perv detected.

S.Fang: Yup. Perv.

K.Fang: I KILL pervs!!!

Gorthy: Huh?

48: Have any OTPS?

Fang, S.Fang, K.Fang and Gorthy: What is that?

49: If you had to date any fictional character, who would it be???

Fang: I do not read or watch anything, so no one.

S.Fang: I dunno, Erza from Fairy Tail? that furball has talked about her a couple of times XD


Gorthy: Ummmmmm............................... Grandeen from Fairy Tail?

50: Do you have battle scars?

Fang: I have one on my chest.

S.Fang: Same here!

K.Fang: Same as well!

Gorthy: Not really... My body recovers quickly xD

51: Have you ever been in a war?

Fang: Yes. It was good payment involved.

S.Fang: Yup! And I got to launch meteors at the enemies!


Gorthy: Nope o.o

52: Would you wear the flag of your country with pride?  

Fang: I don't belong to a country.

S.Fang: Same!

K.Fang: I'd sooner gut myself than doing something like that!

Gorthy: No o.o

53:Can you swim?

Fang: Yes, I can swim very well.

S.Fang: I am a pro at underwater fighting!

K.Fang: Of course!

Gorthy: Not really Dx

53: QUICK Favorite color

Fang: Grey.

S.Fang: White!

K.Fang: RED!!!

Gorthy: BLUE!!!

54:what do you hate about humans most?

Fang: How they think they have the right to do anything they want.

S.Fang: Same as above.

K.Fang: I hate how weak they are!!!

Gorthy: I don't like when they shoot me :iconscaredplz:

    55: Do you fight alone or with friends?

Fang: Alone.

S.Fang: I try to get help from people if I can, but it's hard Dx


Gorthy: Together with my friend if he is close =D

56: Is there anyone who used to be in your life that you miss?

Fang: No, I can't remember anyone from before I died.

S.Fang: Same...

K.Fang: Same, and I'm happy for it!

Gorthy: My family........ TT__TT


Just so you see this, I'm mentioning you! :iconmtfoxx3:


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